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A new mini-palette: Fuyu

Liam Spradlin

My favorite color is something I may describe as amber, or macaroni and cheese if we're dealing with crayons, but I never gave much thought to what the particular mix of yellow and orange is really called until today when, while listening to a podcast, I heard someone describe a color using the word "persimmon."

I realized that persimmons are really beautiful and do in fact include the color I've just described. So I decided to explore what other colors are in a persimmon. The result is a new mini-palette called Fuyu.

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5 things I did in McLean Virginia this weekend (Android Summit recap)

Liam Spradlin

Last Thursday, I flew to McLean, Virginia for Android Summit, a two day conference + hackathon sponsored by Capital One, benefitting Women Who Code.

I was invited to Android Summit to give a talk about mutative design, and to coincide with the event I released a new post on Project Phoebe, answering more questions about how mutative design will work and announcing Helios, a new tool for researching mutative patterns.

Now that I'm back, I wanted to post a quick listicle about what I did during my trip.

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Dadapixel Streamback: Submit your work for live feedback on stream!

Liam Spradlin

A couple of days ago, I ran a brief survey for those who watch my videos and live streams on YouTube and Twitch. The goal was to get some feedback on the things I've tried and propose some new ideas to try for both.

I got many good findings from the survey, but there's one I specifically want to promote that I think could be really fun and helpful - Streamback.

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5 things I did in Warsaw last week (MCE^3 Recap)

Liam Spradlin

Last week, I flew to Warsaw for MCE^3. MCE stands for "Mobile Central Europe," and it's a mobile conference focused on design, development, and product now in its third year.

I was invited to give a session (along with Francisco Franco) on mutative design, but I got to experience more than just giving a talk. In the interest of having some structure and not turning this into a scrapbook page, I've chosen 5 distinct experiences to talk about here.

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