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Google says 'be together, not the same' in new Android ads, and it's great


Google says 'be together, not the same' in new Android ads, and it's great

Liam Spradlin

The Android world is buzzing about tomorrow's expected unveiling of new Google-backed Nexus hardware, but it seems Google accidentally(?) loosed a new ad campaign early last night with a series of "be together, not the same" and "all kinds of phones for all kinds of folks" spots that are pitch-perfect to Android's image needs right now. One of the ads is embedded below, but you can see them all here.

The ads call out a facet of Android that Google thinks should be celebrated (the diversity of devices available for all kinds of users), turning on its head an argument that has bedeviled Android for a while. While competitors call the Android hardware menagerie fragmented (or, famously, a toxic hell-stew), Google posits that the variety of devices is a good thing - Android users can "be together" by using the same platform and essential Google services without all being "the same" by toting the same one or two devices as everyone else.

Besides the underlying message, the ad coincides with an impending update to Google's Androidify app, which lets users create Android characters like the ones in the campaign based on their own appearance and style. This is a great callback to the app, and a really nice tie-in that makes the ad feel that much more fun.

It's unclear what media Google is going to pursue with this campaign, but it was spotted while streaming TV online, so we know digital is one target. It may not be the most complex or extensive campaign to come out of a tech company, but it's clever, simple, and sweet, and just what Android needs as a brand.