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Download: Google's expanded material design palette for the OSX system color picker

Liam Spradlin

Yesterday, I got an invite to Zeplin. For those who don't know, Zeplin - at zeplin.io - is a new tool (currently in invite-only mode) that intends to make life easier for designers and front-end developers by allowing designers to import artboards from Sketch, generating measurements, colors, and font books for whatever kind of project you're working on, be it Android, iOS, or web. Naturally, I downloaded Sketch (which I had been hearing a lot about) to give it a shot.

But I noticed (unless I've overlooked something) that there doesn't really seem to be any sort of workable palette solution for Sketch resembling what Adobe Illustrator has. Being so accustomed to Illustrator (I practically live in AI), I yearned for a solution, and I wanted to have Google's material design palette at the ready for creating interfaces directly in Sketch, so I could quickly pop them into Zeplin for developers.

Sooo... That's when I decided to add every color from the expanded material design palette to my Macbook's system color picker as a discreet palette option. This is an easy thing to do, but it took a while to complete so I thought I'd share the result.

This isn't just handy in Sketch - with this file you can use material design colors pretty much anywhere the OSX color picker is used. 

To install it, just put the file in Library > Colors, and next time you open the color picker go to the color palettes tab and find MaterialExpanded in the dropdown menu. Enjoy!