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Type Gym 2: N


Type Gym 2: N

Liam Spradlin

It's time for the second Type Gym. This time, it's the letter N. I've decided to go with a random letter each time, so I can't take the easy way out and choose letters I feel comfortable with.

For this letter, I wanted to do something that looked a little more refined, and focused on the up-down-up nature of the letter N, so I went with a ribbon-like image. 

I've also decided it might be helpful to place a gallery of current and past Type Gym entries on each post, so as I progress it'll be easier to track what each previous entry looked like.

Eventually, I'd like readers to submit their own Type Gyms with the letter of the day. If you're reading this and want to follow along by designing the letter N, post it up below!