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Type Gym: The alphabet study starts with O


Type Gym: The alphabet study starts with O

Liam Spradlin

Yesterday, I posted about the Type Fight, a site that pits letter studies against one another, letting users vote for several days on which is better. Some of those letters go on to be sold as limited edition prints, but just looking at all the awesome work is fun enough.

Inspired by that premise, I'm going to start doing a full alphabet of type studies in which I'll explore designing each letter with its rudimentary elements in mind, while using the entire canvas to create something more compelling than a simple, refined letter form.

I won't say that this will be a daily post, but I'm going to try to make it as daily as possible to build up a collection of studies before ultimately entering the ring myself.

I'm starting with the letter O (picked at random from letters one through 26). You can see my first shot at the O above.

I tried several different forms for the O, but kept coming back to the high-contrast O with super thin horizontal weight and super thick sides. I wanted to keep it informal though, and maintain the kind of loose, sketchy quality of the original shape in the final product, so each rotation is offset a few pixels.

4-10-2014 10-49-41 AM.png

As I said, I can't guarantee a daily Type Gym post, but I'm going to try and make a habit of it. And I will likely revisit letters in the future. No idea is the perfect idea, so as more thoughts come to me I may do another O, and another, and another...