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Matias Duarte encourages designers to come to Google I/O

Liam Spradlin

Recently, at the Accel Design Conference in San Francisco, Android's UX lead Matias Duarte sat down with Joshua Topolsky of The Verge. The two chatted for roughly forty minutes about what constitutes design, where Android and Chrome are headed, and the fact that "mobile is dead."

What's really encouraging about the Fireside Chat, though, is that Duarte encourages designers to come to Google I/O, an event (also in San Francisco) that has traditionally been geared toward developers. Duarte emphasizes the importance of design as part of the overall strategy for creating software.

This sounds obvious, but it's good to hear that Duarte would like to see 50% of I/O's attendees be designers. Android has been getting prettier over the years, but the real next hurdle is getting designers to the platform to make experiences that really work, and experiences that are thoughtfully built for users.

In the chat, Duarte explains that functionality should not be restricted from one screen size, weighing the pros of both web and native development, and dodging Topolsky's prodding over the Android Wear device Duarte reluctantly admits to having on stage.

PS - If you're interested in going to I/O, registration is open NOW through the 18th.