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Google opens Post Ads to all advertisers with 1000+ followers

Liam Spradlin

At the end of 2013, Google introduced Post Ads to advertisers using Google+. The platform allowed a limited number of advertisers to take their public Google+ content and run it through Google's display ad network, in an effort to drive engagement both with a brand's social content, and with Google's catch-all - Google+.

Today, the platform is opening to all advertisers on Google+ who have over 1000 followers, and Google says partners have already seen success.

For the launch of the 2014 Corolla, Toyota USA sought to drive consideration from a younger audience by promoting their Google+ content with +Post ads. For this campaign, Toyota USA saw a 50% higher engagement rate than the industry average for rich media ads.
— Adwords Blog

This is actually a pretty cool feature. Instead of promoting posts to the top of your stream (like Facebook), Post Ads allow advertisers to retain the social aspect of what they're pushing, while also creating ads that people are more likely to engage with.

The platform will also allow advertisers to promote hangouts on air, a tool that has been gaining traction with brands recently as a way to invite participation from the audience in fun, dynamic, and educational discussions. ASOS, Google says, used this to promote a "shoppable" hangout, where viewers could make purchases during the session.

For the full rundown, head to the Adwords blog.