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Opinion: 'Failure is an option' makes no sense for chicken pizza


Opinion: 'Failure is an option' makes no sense for chicken pizza

Liam Spradlin

One of the best ways to get consumer loyalty to your brand is to elicit emotion. Nothing makes people feel better about a company than seeing the image of authenticity, relate-ability, and compassion from a brand they're already familiar with.

Domino's, in an ad for their new chicken-pizza hybrid dish (in which fried chicken is topped with pizza toppings and cheese and then...cooked) is trying really hard to get some sentiment, but in this observer's opinion, their approach makes no sense. Here's the ad in question.

The ad tries to explain that Domino's is not afraid to take the "fail early and often" route, where experimentation and quick failure lead to further innovations.

The problem isn't necessarily that they're putting forth an entire company culture that until now no member of the public knew about in a thirty-second spot, but that they are doing it in an advertisement for pizza made out of chicken.

Perhaps the goal was to introduce this super weird food as the result of insightful and thoughtful experimentation, but I get the feeling that the market they are advertising this dish to doesn't really care about the corporate culture of Domino's, or why the "cookie pizza" failed (was there a cookie pizza, or was that just a gag?). They care about what looks like delicious chicken with pizza toppings and the fact that they can get it for a bargain.

I have a long-running theory that, eventually, we will see commercials based entirely on emotional appeals for products as mundane as cotton swabs. We aren't there yet, but the emotional appeal Domino's is trying to make here is bringing us closer.