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Google's YouTube marketing push to begin Monday with digital, TV, subway train ads


Google's YouTube marketing push to begin Monday with digital, TV, subway train ads

Liam Spradlin

YouTube, evidently on the heels of pressure from ad agencies, is ready to begin a wide marketing push, promoting a selection of its partner creators with television, print, and digital ads, according to AdAge.

YouTube's coming train wraps Image: AdAge

YouTube's coming train wraps
Image: AdAge

The selected content creators include makeup expert Michelle Phan, fashion/hair/beauty maven Bethany Mota, and awesome baker Rosanna Pansino. According to AdAge, Google will add more content creators to the mix later, selecting from "Google Preferred" verticals.

Television ads will span local and national broadcast, while print will plaster billboards and subway trains. Digital will of course cover Google's properties.

What's interesting is that this is the beginning of a long-term marketing push for YouTube, but more interesting is the fact that Google is promoting digital content creation using traditional media.

Logically, this would tell me that Google wants those who have not already caught on to the awesomeness of digital video content to do so quickly. But who exactly is that? Is there someone out there with an internet connection who doesn't know about YouTube?

Perhaps there's another angle here - Google is selecting from its preferred verticals or content categories. The push may be promoting YT's digital content and promoting the fact that there's more to YouTube than just cat videos.

With Amazon pushing to bring content like movies and in-house series to customers and Yahoo supposedly in talks to buy NDN, now would be a great time for Google to remind everyone that it owns an extremely versatile platform with "serious" content too.

Source: AdAge