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Gary Busey's Fire TV ad hilarious, surprisingly insightful

Liam Spradlin

As soon as Amazon announced its bid for the living room, the Fire TV, it also released a commercial for the set-top video/game streaming box. Featuring Gary Busey. In which he thanks fish just for "being here." And it worked.

The ad is objectively funny. Gary Busey has a certain image, and the ad plays to that in a delightful, relaxed manner. Busey says hello to his pants, thanks fish for "being here," and listens intently to the remarks of a large bell.

The ad works on more than its hilarity, though. One notable aspect of Amazon's early strategy with Fire TV is its ability to accept voice controls, and that's smart.

Voice controls traditionally haven't really caught on when implemented on mobile devices because the only place many people actually feel comfortable talking to inanimate objects is in their own home. 

What better place for a voice-controlled device, then, but your living room? Microsoft had already figured this out with the Xbox One before Amazon's announcement, and Samsung has been trying to get people to love smart TVs for a while now, but Amazon, pushing a device that costs just a hundred dollars, may have a hit on their hands that actually gets people to use their voices.

From this perspective, Gary Busey's quirky antics actually serve as a wonderfully subtle announcement that you're about to start loving the idea of talking to your TV.