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HTC North America's Move Back To Deutsch LA looks like a win so far


HTC North America's Move Back To Deutsch LA looks like a win so far

Liam Spradlin

HTC North America recently gave its creative account back to Deutsch LA, the agency previously spurned by the Taiwanese manufacturer's NA arm for Ogilvy Mather's LA office.

Soon after, HTC's M8 launch happened (I was there). And then an awesome commercial happened.

It's a commercial that actually has focus and insight. There's no hipster troll car wash, but there is Gary Oldman, and a powerful ultimatum for the viewer to "ask the internet."

In the ad, Gary Oldman tells viewers the truth - everyone watching the commercial either already has an opinion of the M8 (the thing was leaked to death leading up to announcement, and even after going official, news travels fast), or wants to hear what other (regular) people have to say about it. So go look online. 

Gary Oldman spends a full 26 seconds waiting for the viewer to ask the internet. That's a pretty bold use of time, and underscores the ad's main thrust - flagship phones don't really need to be advertised on TV anymore. They've reached a level of status that no longer requires celebrity testimonials, even if Oldman is paradoxically offering one by appearing in this ad.

Will clever ads from Deutsch LA turn things around and make the M8 the hit HTC needs it to be? Only time will tell, but in the meantime we can all enjoy their work.