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Deconstruction: Here are the pieces of my M8 image


Deconstruction: Here are the pieces of my M8 image

Liam Spradlin

Several days ago, I published a from-scratch Illustrator drawing of the M8. I hadn't seen any M8 templates (for adding screenshots etc) online yet, so I wanted to make one myself, just for fun.

The advantage of drawing it in Illustrator is that (provided you have enough memory) the image could be enlarged to whatever size needed. Plus, it seemed like a great exercise. Here's what I came up with:

Now that I've opened up Dadapixel, I thought it might be fun to show all the pieces that comprise the image. You might be surprised how few elements are actually involved. Since this isn't a 3D model, we don't have to worry about drawing the back or sides of the device, but that also means that what we do see is comprised of a lot of layers and subtle gradient tweaks to give the illusion of actual light.

The whole thing took probably two hours to assemble. If I had to do it over (and I might just for fun), I'd probably change the chamfer. Now that I have the M8 in my hands I've noticed their true shape, which is sharper than my image implies.