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Put away your preconceived notions, Comic Neue is here


Put away your preconceived notions, Comic Neue is here

Liam Spradlin

Guess what, guys - Comic Sans is back. Kind of.

Craig Rozynski, an Australian designer (in Japan, according to his tagline) has "beaten into shape" the font everyone loves to hate, and release Comic Neue to the world.

The font aims to take over Comic Sans' place as the casual font of choice for "passive aggressive office memos" and all the other things everyone's least favorite font used to be used for.

As Vincent Connare, designer of the original Comic Sans, has stated before, the font wasn't really meant for what it ended up being used for. And actually, it doesn't look that bad in really practical applications like... actual comic graphics (if you don't look too closely). But, intentions don't always translate to reality, particularly when you're putting a product in front of millions of people who want their emails to be more "fun."

At first blush, it's already clear that Comic Neue is just... a better font than Comic Sans. The letter forms are undeniably more refined, and it just seems more thoughtful. This is made especially exciting because Rozynski has made the font free for a limited time. There are a healthy 12 fonts in the family, which should also help to avoid the monotony achieved by the original.

Here's hoping it catches on.

Comic Neue