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Google pushes Chromebooks for business as Windows XP loses support


Google pushes Chromebooks for business as Windows XP loses support

Liam Spradlin

"Honestly, it's time for a change" Microsoft says on its XP EOL landing page (continuing an apparent play on the Sara Bareillis song they continue to use in commercials at suspiciously high volumes).

Today, as you probably know, marks the end of Microsoft's support for XP, the aged OS that still runs on plenty of machines.

Not missing a beat, Google has been promoting Chromebooks for business, partnered with Citrix and VMWare.

"It's time for a real change, rather than more of the same," Google's Enterprise blog says. And to sweeten the pot, Google has some offers for those businesses that decide to switch to Chrome OS:

  • Buy Chromebooks for Business and get $100 for each managed device you purchase for your company.
  • If your employees need to access desktop apps, we’ve partnered with Citrix and VMware to bring two offers:
  1. Get $200 off Chromebooks for Business with VMware Desktop as a Service (DaaS).
  2. Get Chromebooks for Business and 25% off Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition, which includesAppDNA software for accelerating Windows XP migration.

Google also stresses that Chromebooks can run apps offline, too, citing various Google Drive-integrated apps like Docs and Slides.

If a business has already "gone Google" by adopting Google Apps, this is probably a great deal, but Goog definitely has an uphill battle convincing any company who is, in 2014, running Windows XP, to ditch Windows and switch to Chrome OS, which would require a large buy of computers plus training, plus potentially switching everything to Google Apps.

I love that Google is promoting Chromebooks to businesses, but promoting it against upgrading to Windows 8 (or even 7) as XP fades away may not be their most successful effort.