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Here's a letter-by-letter comparison of Comic Neue against Comic Sans

Liam Spradlin

Earlier this week, Craig Rozynski released Comic Neue, a re-imagined version of Comic Sans aimed at taking over the web's most hated font in passive-aggressive office memos and lemonade stands.

It was clear from the few specimens available on comicneue.com that Comic Neue was more refined and more thoughtful than the original Comic Sans. A large part of its strategy seems to be straightening out stems and retaining some of the sort of saggy curves born in the counters and bowls of the original typeface. Its regular weight is also lighter, making it more approachable.

How does it stack up letter by letter though? Let's take a quick look. On the left is Comic Sans, middle is Comic Neue, and right is an overlay of the two.

Of course, there's much more to the character set than just letters (not to mention the other 11 faces in Comic Neue) but this should give us a good idea how the two compare stylistically.