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The new voice of Intel is Clear - company unveils first typeface renovation in 45 years


The new voice of Intel is Clear - company unveils first typeface renovation in 45 years

Liam Spradlin

Intel has just undergone its first typeface renovation in 45 years, working with Red Peak Branding and Dalton Maag to produce a new type family called Clear.

Not to be confused with Clear Sans, Clear is a more humanist sans serif, with friendly details that Intel hopes will make the typeface more friendly and inviting. Readers may remember the company's previous brand typeface - Neo Sans. The new typeface will evidently be proprietary, and presumably not available to the public.

James Fox, CEO of Red Peak, says "the most valuable thing a brand can give people today is clarity and simplicity," and Clear is certainly both clear and simple. See the (perhaps slightly fluffy) video below.

Clear is an impressively expansive typeface, covering Latin, Greek, and Chinese languages, and it will be used in print and digital across all media.

As Stacey Kole notes at Web Designer Depot, there's a trend right now of corporations opting for more friendly typefaces with small calligraphic or humanist influences, and ditching cold, geometric faces.

From what Intel has shown, Clear looks like a great typeface. In some ways, it's a quintessential corporate type redesign - something extremely safe that will please a lot of people without taking too many chances. Touches like the top of the n stroke and the a's terminal though give it a certain personality that those who look closely will enjoy.

Read more at Intel's News Room.