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Quick Look: Discover Unicode and HTML entities with &what; ☃


Quick Look: Discover Unicode and HTML entities with &what; ☃

Liam Spradlin

&what; (amp-what.com) is a search engine for unicode and HTML entities. If you've ever wondered how to add a circlearrow ↺ snowman ☃ or other uncommon characters to whatever you're working on, look no further. (Okay you still have to type in what you're looking for.)

Amp-what accepts words like "weather," "animals," etc. and will pull up a full list of matching results. You can then copy the result or just file the code away in your memory for later.

Having a resource to look up these symbols isn't just about superfluous flair, though - HTML characters like vertical ellipses and circlearrows can replace UI elements on your website that would otherwise be made of images. Making font subsets with UI symbols is becoming a common technique to shave off just a little more demand, and make both creating and using webpages cleaner.

There are of course tons of other applications for the site - you can easily find mathematical symbols, chess symbols, alternate quotation marks, and plenty more.

Source: Amp-What

via Search Engine Roundtable