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Reshare: Google is making Android a beautiful, dynamic scrapbook

Liam Spradlin

As I've said from the beginning, Dadapixel is a place for me to write about and showcase things that don't belong on the blog I write for during the day - Android Police, and things that just wouldn't work on social media alone.

It isn't often that design-centric content and Android overlap so perfectly, but I published a piece to AP yesterday titled "Google is making Android a beautiful, dynamic scrapbook - a closer look at material design." And since the piece is the sort of thing I'd typically publish here, I thought it might be helpful to do a quick reshare.

Material design, for those who don't know, is Google's new design philosophy, meant to unify their products across "all of Google," meaning web, Android, and - yes - iOS too. It's an incredibly thoughtful approach, and Google is really carrying every aspect of the philosophy the full mile - from a design-centered Google I/O conference to a complete, exhaustive design spec, to free resources and in-built design tools in Android's L release, Google is doing things right this time.

The post really focuses on the rationale behind many of the design choices, and why material design is not just great for today, but will be great for the future too. Take a read for yourself.

AP: Google Is Making Android A Beautiful, Dynamic Scrapbook - A Closer Look At Material Design