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USPS Gets Design Overhaul From GrandArmy with Retro Imagery, Plenty of Gotham


USPS Gets Design Overhaul From GrandArmy with Retro Imagery, Plenty of Gotham

Liam Spradlin

The United States Postal Service isn't necessarily the first organization that comes to mind when one thinks of cutting edge design or process. But, as Gizmodo explains in an excellent look at the organization's new design, it is the largest retail network in the US. So when it undergoes an extreme design facelift, it's worth paying attention.

As the image above shows, USPS now relies on Gotham - a favorite typeface of many designers, introduced in 2000 by Frere-Jones. The geometric typeface lends a bold, serious tone to the designs, that pairs really nicely with the postal service's new, intensely patriotic imagery. From a bald eagle to a Pony Express rider with a lightning bolt, the crosshatched images conjure a weirdly powerful sentiment of patriotism (bordering on popular interpretations of old propaganda posters).

Images: Gizmodo

Images: Gizmodo

At first glance, the designs seem trendy (and perhaps lacking in longevity) but regardless, GrandArmy has done a great job at giving the USPS a defined, cohesive image that - hopefully - will translate to an actually compelling brand story for the service. Hit the source link below for more images and the full story.

Source: Gizmodo