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Quick Look: How to perfectly nail sentiment in advertising (Tokyo Gas)


Quick Look: How to perfectly nail sentiment in advertising (Tokyo Gas)

Liam Spradlin

I've written before about the importance of sentiment in advertising. That is, the importance of making an emotional connection with the audience. It isn't a technique that works for every brand, but in some special cases, a brand can wiggle its way right into your heart with a well-written, thoughtful campaign.

That's exactly what Tokyo Gas did with a campaign starting over four years ago. The series of advertisements points out the role of gas in family life. Specifically, gas is used to cook food, and - the commercials posit - family meal time can essentially heal all wounds. Take a look at a couple of ads (with subtitles).

These ads aren't telling us the benefits of Tokyo Gas, or what Tokyo Gas is doing that makes it a company worthy of our attention. Instead, they're missions of endearment. Ninety-second vignettes that tell the audience that something as simple as gas coming to your oven can have profound effects on your life, no matter the situation.

Sentiment in advertising is an enduring trend, as companies try to make connections with consumers beyond the merit of their products alone.