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Quick Look: Glassware Flow Designer shows brilliant potential


Quick Look: Glassware Flow Designer shows brilliant potential

Liam Spradlin

A couple of days ago, Google officially announced the availability of Glassware Flow Designer, a tool discussed at I/O that aims to make app design for Glass super easy and collaborative.

Basically, the tool allows developers to mock up Glass cards (the building block of Glass' interface), arrange them to demonstrate the intended interface, and then save those flows to Drive, where others can jump in and collaborate, adding comments and discussing potential changes.

This is great news for Glass developers, but there's even more potential here. While Android and the web have interaction patterns and interface flows that are typically far more complicated than a simple Glass timeline, it's easy to see the potential of using Drive as a platform for interface design and collaboration.

The design tool for Polymer already maturing into something useful, with the ability to drag and drop design elements and edit to your liking, prototyping web interfaces quickly and easily. The only missing piece is a Drive app, which would allow the prototypes to live on your Google account for easy sharing and commenting.

We saw much of Material Design's impact explained at Google I/O, but perhaps there's more coming this fall (the expected release time frame for Android L) that would make prototyping and iterating interfaces as easy as it should be for everyone. Here's hoping.

Glassware Flow Designer | Google Developers