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Braden Kowitz explains importance of pixel polish in product design


Braden Kowitz explains importance of pixel polish in product design

Liam Spradlin

Braden Kowitz, Design Partner at Google Ventures, self-identifies - like many designers - as a perfectionist, especially when a product is near launch. He posits that "designers notice the gap between functional and delightful, and that's why we obsess over the little details," and points out that, sometimes, attention to tiny details can cause friction within the team, where time is traded for design changes that - to other members of the team - may seem trivial or unnecessary.

Kowitz breaks down the value of pixel-level changes into two main tenets - first, when details are executed perfectly, customers and users put more trust into the product. Second, perfect details enhance usability, maintaining the peaceful zen of a positive product experience and avoiding frustration or confusion.

The post to Google Ventures' Library also provides helpful tips on getting changes implemented - proposing design fix sprints, ways to stay on-target with design feedback, and avoiding changes that can spiral into major tangles. 

For anyone interested in product design, or designers in need of a pep-talk as their project nears completion, the post is well worth a read.

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