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The March palette: Falena


The March palette: Falena

Liam Spradlin

It's very easy to fall into a palette rut - a place where you find yourself using the same color palette over and over again on various pieces of work. I'm certainly guilty of doing this. But palette ruts don't have to be a reality. There are tons of tools online for compiling automatic palettes, but I think those feel a bit mechanical, and I'm never quite satisfied with the result.

For that reason, I'm starting a new feature on Dadapixel: the monthly palette. Every month, I'll create a new palette with a new name, and some illustrations to show that palette in use. You can download the palette yourself for your favorite design software, and get to work!

This month's palette is called falena. The palette is inspired by the subdued, powdery colors of moths along with the muted undertones of nature. Falena has colors like blush, rose, coral, gold, and silver that will hopefully foster a calm, reserved aesthetic.

The palette is organized with ten primary colors, each with ten shades. 

This month, I gave a sneak preview of the palette to Virginia Poltrack, an illustrator you should definitely be following if you aren't already. You can find her on Dribbble, Google+, or VirginiaPoltrack.com. Oh, and her company Fat Russell recently released a rad set of watch faces for Android Wear. Check those out too. Her illustration is below, along with a few of my own. Hopefully these give you some idea of how versatile falena will be in your own projects.