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Google makes ads FABulous with material design

Liam Spradlin

Last night while browsing APK Mirror for the YouTube Gaming app, I came across something interesting - an advertisement with a FAB (floating action button).

The floating action button, for anyone who doesn't know, is a circular button that lives in the corner of an interface, or on a seam between two sheets of "material," or on the edge of one piece that's hovering over another. It is meant to get the user quickly to the screen's signature action - the one thing they are most likely to do on that screen.

It makes perfect sense then that Google would adopt this pattern for advertising, right? For so long, text ads have struggled with the plain boring arrow-in-a-box CTA. But now Google has its own comprehensive design language, and it's put that language to use for advertising.

In a post to the official AdSense blog, Google explains that the richer format uses brand colors and logos to keep text ads in line with advertiser expectations, but site owners can disable the new look if they don't like it.

The ads are even more dynamic, though - the FAB, besides being a more attractive and tactile CTA, is also dynamic. Different ads will have different iconography, with text ads using an arrow, and graphic ads using things like the download icon seen above, or the photos icon seen below.

Overall I think this will be a welcomed change. The ads not only look better, but may even see a higher click-through rate thanks to the more inviting design.