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The August palette: Antique


The August palette: Antique

Liam Spradlin

Yes, it's August and no, there was no July palette. Sorry! I spent July finding and settling into a new place in New York, and just generally adapting to life in a new city, and didn't find the time to put out a new palette.

But - besides one other thing I hope to start this month - we've got a new palette now: Antique.

Antique is inspired by the colors of 150-year-old Japanese woodblock prints in the Yokohama-e style. That seems like an oddly specific inspiration because it is - the idea came from reading a Quartz article about the prints, which depicted visitors from the west in the 1850s.

The palette is made of colors of aged pigments, punctuated by a bright primary red and clean cream.

This month's sample illustration has nothing to do with woodblock prints, though. It's inspired by urban gardens, and small spaces that seem perfectly visible yet inaccessible in the city, specifically window gardens between apartment windows and iron bars.

All of that said, hit the link to download the palette for yourself. If you end up using it, post in the comments and show off your work!