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In case you missed it: The Design Notes podcast


In case you missed it: The Design Notes podcast

Liam Spradlin

If you follow me on social networks, you've probably seen me rambling on about Design Notes.

If not, here's the story: Design Notes (housed at DesignNotes.fm) is a new podcast I'm starting. The goal is simple: sit down, one on one, with designers and developers in all fields to talk about what they do, and what they think.

So far, I've talked to Francisco Franco (developer of Focus and Franco Kernel) and Kevin Barry (developer of Nova Launcher), as well as a couple of others I haven't posted yet.

Francisco and I discussed the details of working together on Focus, knowing when designs aren't feasible, and when to theme your app. Kevin and I spoke about crafting a "stock plus" experience, the psychic future of launchers, and how we'll get there.

If you haven't already, check it out. I'm looking forward to getting feedback and iterating quickly to earn a spot in your weekly podcast lineup.