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Dadapixel Streamback: Submit your work for live feedback on stream!


Dadapixel Streamback: Submit your work for live feedback on stream!

Liam Spradlin

A couple of days ago, I ran a brief survey for those who watch my videos and live streams on YouTube and Twitch. The goal was to get some feedback on the things I've tried and propose some new ideas to try for both.

I got many good findings from the survey, but there's one I specifically want to promote that I think could be really fun and helpful - Streamback.

Streamback will be a new series of segments in my live stream where designs submitted by viewers ahead of time are selected for live feedback, critique, or other exploration.

These segments would also be lifted from the stream for separate videos so those who don't have time to tune in or re-watch the entire archive can learn from the feedback as well.

Ideally this will be a collaborative segment - designers will submit their work and any important info to give context, and then during the segment those viewing live can also contribute their own thoughts.

As explained in the findings post linked above, I'll be going ahead with a new weekly stream on Sunday afternoons - starting this Sunday at 2pm Eastern. The schedule for publishing separate videos is still to be determined, but both Streamback and Design FFWD videos will likely be spread throughout the week!

If you'd like to submit your own designs for me to take a look at on stream, just fill in the form at dadapixel.com/streamback!