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The new palette: Botanic


The new palette: Botanic

Liam Spradlin

We're a little past due for a new palette, right?

As NYC inexplicably glides right past spring and into the dead of summer, I wanted to create a palette that evoked beautiful botanic specimens - flowers, herbs, grasses, and even the paper we might use to make botanical prints. What I came up with is Botanic.

Colors like rose, leaf, lavender, honey, crystal, and tulip come in three varieties each - powder, cream, and paste.

The palette is decidedly cheerful, working well with darker complements and subtle gradients. Try it out by grabbing the ASE file (for AI and PS) or the CLR file (for Mac's color picker - just pop it in Library > Colors) below. If you use it in a project, leave a link in the comments! 😁


ASE file (for Illustrator and Photoshop)

CLR file (for everything else on Mac)