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A new mini-palette: Fuyu


A new mini-palette: Fuyu

Liam Spradlin

My favorite color is something I might describe as amber, or macaroni and cheese if we're dealing with crayons, but I never gave much thought to what the particular mix of yellow and orange is really called until, while listening to a podcast, I heard someone describe a color using the word "persimmon."

I realized that persimmons are really beautiful and do in fact include the color I've just described. So I decided to explore what other colors are in a persimmon. The result is a new mini-palette called Fuyu.

Fuyu is a mini-palette because I limited it to colors sampled from photos of Fuyu persimmons. It includes orange, yellow, stem, and leaf colors, along with a small selection of neons.

If you're interested in trying Fuyu for yourself, grab the .ASE file below. If you end up using it for something, leave a comment and let me know!