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(Reshare) Meet Project Phoebe: A moonshot concept for mutative design


(Reshare) Meet Project Phoebe: A moonshot concept for mutative design

Liam Spradlin

Phoebe is something that I've been working on for a long time now, and I'm excited that I can finally share it with the world.

Phoebe is the first step toward mutative design, a new theoretical design methodology that aims to solve the problem of designing for averages and create interfaces that are born, live, and evolve with the user's realities.

When this methodology is sufficiently matured, it would account for all users, regardless of age, tech exposure, physical ability, vision, etc.

This initial step doesn't answer every question - I would consider Phoebe (for now) kind of like a "moonshot" idea. If completed, it would represent a 10x improvement in how interfaces are created and used, but it may not be feasible to build a system capable of this in the immediate future.

Read more about Phoebe here, see the design source here, and keep the conversation going here :)