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dadapixel streamback

Streamback is a new series of segments in my live design stream (on YouTube and Twitch) where I'll take a look at user-submitted designs live on stream and give feedback, advice, or answers based on what the designer is looking for!

To do that, I'll need submissions. I'll need a design to look at, and some words about what it is, what (and who) it's meant for, and any other pertinent details. That way I can give an informed opinion and you can get the most out of the critique!

Just fill in the form below to be considered!

Please note: By submitting your designs for streamback, you are agreeing that they can be featured and discussed during a live stream and in a separate video using footage from that stream with attribution but not compensation.

Name *
Tell me about your design - what is it, what are the goals, is there anything specific you want feedback on? Please do NOT submit confidential materials or information.
A link to the design I should take a look at! Please do NOT submit confidential materials or information.
If you want, I'll give your social profile a shoutout during the critique!